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When You're Strange
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:09:17 AM »
When You're Strange
Hanging women, as opposed to hanging men, was always something new each time, but this one like nothing else I ever expected. Funny how numbers can make such a huge difference.

A seven feet tall woman, not too fat for her height but obviously massive. When I first came to visit her I realized she had to sit because the cell was too low for someone of her height. She was a big one but still had a very feminine figure. She wore a big, yet tight shiny red dress which exposed a good part of her round pair. Her ass and tits were very big but not huge considering her size. One could easily get lost in this set, I thought while checking out her tits. It was arousing and freaky at the same time.

Looking into her eyes I knew I wouldn't require the assistance of the guards to string up this one, but on the other hand I felt sorry because I knew she was innocent. I read the case before I came. She was a circus girl used for freak shows and [email protected] tricks. Probably the only way she could fit in. Some silly accusations about killing or stealing [email protected] from the circus manager. They should really abolish the death penalty for thieves. After all, it's the 18th century already.

The look on her face showed curiosity. She must have realized who I were and what was my job. She gave me a soft smile, and I made some informal chat to make her feel more at ease. And it worked.

"Tomorrow morning, right ?" She asked suddenly.

"Yes. Assuming no last minute changes occur."

"I hope there won't be any delays. I can't live in this tiny cell. What were you thinking ?"

All I could do was mumble something. This was the size of the place we kept people. There was nothing I could do.

"I just hope the gallows you have is enough to take care of me."

"Oh you don't will have any complaints after I'm done. The beam is tall enough, but I won't be able to drop you. Either way the rope will do it's job. Once I have your weight, I'd be sure the structure would hold you."

She just sighed and looked sad. Then gave a few cynical remarks about "weighing the fat woman", and "no drop, just choke away"

"You're not that special." I assured her. "I weigh all the condemned. And the drop is shorter with more weight. Your neck might still break even with hardly any drop."

As I talked I moved my hands over her neck trying to feel how fragile it is. I knew very well that with actually no drop, which I was planning because there wasn't enough room for her to pass through the drop, the hope her neck would break was a bit far fetched.

"Sorry for the attitude. You just don't know how it is to be someone like me. I'm 24 already and never got married. No one wants to marry you when you're that big. Most are even too afraid to do anything."

"But you are very attractive. I'm sure you had a few lovers."

"A few were interested. Most in a sick way, looking at some body parts instead of looking at me, or maybe it was the fact that I was too tall, it's hard to tell," She giggled. "But I didn't let them do anything. It was enough to have to work as a freak. I didn't need that in my bed as well, and I didn't care for having someone for just one night. So that's why I'm still a virgin. I might have acted differently knowing my time was almost up."

I felt sorry for her and put my hand on her shoulder. "That's tough. If you were charged with witchcraft you'd be saved because you could prove you didn't have sex with Satan."

"Actually that was the charge. The whole theft thing was a cover up. The owner of the circus made those lame accusations knowing no one wants to deal with witchcraft these days. But witchcraft is what he secretly told that loony judge."

"Oh, that's totally different then. Loony as he is, I suppose the judge would think differently about the whole thing now. I can arrange an interview with him, and get you off the hook."

"No, don't do that. I decided I don't want to live in this world. No one to love me. Everyone keep ogling my freaky body. I prefer the rope. I don't want to live anymore, and this way it wouldn't be suicide." She looked very frank so I didn't argue, but I couldn't help moving my hand lower to feel her round right tit. I was obviously hard without noticing it because she was looking in that direction and smiling. All she did was thrust her tits forward, close her eyes and give a little moan. This girl was 24 years hungry with me as her last chance. I laid her on the bed and gave her a good fuck. "Oh God, that felt good." She said when she recovered form her first and only orgasm. "Thank you for giving me my last wish."

I gave her more. Gave her all night.

I had to get up early while she was still sleeping with a smile on her face. I had to set up the rope. I managed to get a court order to make this one private. The last thing this girl needed was to be the star of another freak show. I got back to her and woke her up gently by pinching her exposed nipples until they got hard.

She opened her eyes and smiled. "Good morning love. I'm ready." was all she said.

I explained that I got a special permit for a non public hanging and had to assure her that it was nothing to do with her body, her having an insane desire to be normal. Than she thanked me. I tied her hands and marched her to the gallows. while putting my hand around her. It was as if we had a nice walk of two lovers in the sun. She climbed the steps and I made her stand on the trap behind her noose. She just looked at it.

I'm not a short man, but I had to use older tactics. I took a ladder and sat on the beam so I could noose her easily. As I tightened the noose I could see that she was excited and her knees buckled a bit. I made sure the rope is tight all the way up so she won't have much of a drop. Then I went down the ladder and looked at her.

"Is everything alright honey ?" I asked her.

"I suppose it's more real when the rope gets tight. I'm having regrets but there's nothing we can do now, I suppose. Now that I'm not a virgin anymore. I will miss knowing you, miss having sex, miss life ..."

I set up a stool and climbed it so I could give her a kiss. I held her, and touched her body. "I'm going to miss you too honey, but there's no way out now. She pulled on her bonds and looked a bit sad.

"No use trying to get free. I know how to tie people up, and the noose is already in place. I'll just have to be strong enough for both of us and drop you. And I will."

"I just feel so stupid for letting you tie me up and put that noose around my neck. I'm twice as big, and used to work with tigers. You wouldn't have a chance."

"I'm sorry love." I said as I moved my hand under her dress and pulled her underwear down. I fingered her cunt which was surprisingly wet, and she let out a few moans.

"mmm, yes, I'm yours," she said. "Drop me and watch me hang to death. I just want you to keep touching me."

"I'll try," I said knowing what's about to happen. "I love you dear," I said as I pulled the lever and she fell down just about an inch. At first she just dangled there and I kept touching her tits, ass, and cunt. The pressure on her neck was huge which made her head move forward and tongue fall out. It didn't take long for her to start struggling and kicking which was the signal for me to move back. Her big tits, pushed forwards because her hands were bound behind her were bouncing. Her legs kicked. It was a very violent sight watching such a big woman struggle. It didn't take long though. The pressure on her neck helped kill her in about a minute and a half. I stood up on the stool and gave her a last kiss. I watched as her big body dangled peacefully at the end of the rope. I had a strange feeling when I left her to hang the regulatory hour. A very strange hanging, I thought.

The only hanging that was more peculiar was when I had to hang four midget middle aged women that came from the same circus. They were charged with witchcraft. I didn't even drop them, just pulled them up, noose them and leave them to hang. Two of them struggled but it didn't help them much. Yet unlike hanging my lovely giantess, it was easier because there were no feelings involved. Even though I didn't really know her, I think I loved her.



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