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Author Topic: Blouse Fetish Becomes Extreme...  (Read 2779 times)

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Blouse Fetish Becomes Extreme...
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:15:02 AM »
Part 1

I had mentioned Nick and his interest in blouses to my wife Wendy some time before. I suggested several times that perhaps we should invite him to dinner and she could tease him by wearing some of her crisp blouses - she has a great selection so the only problem would be which one to choose! It had become something of a standing item in our regular love play. Eventually she [email protected]?ng?d me to invite Nick and much to her surprise I agreed and suggested that we could have a blouse fetish dinner party. We both found the idea so exciting that it led to an immediate love-making session and later that day I phoned our friend and arranged a firm date and time.

On the day I went to work as usual while Wendy prepared for the meal. When I came home she was already dressed in a long sleeved turquoise shirt-style blouse in shiny glazed cotton with a long leather skirt and spiked ankle boots. The blouse was cinched in tightly by a black patent belt which accentuated her waist and had the effect of stretching the blouse over her magnificent breasts. “Mmm…you look good enough to eat” I said… she laughed and pulled away to continue with the preparations.

I ran upstairs, showered and got changed. By the time I got down again Wendy was greeting our guest who was already giving her an appreciative look.

Within minutes we were chattering away as if we had known each other for years. As we sat down to dinner Wendy discarded her apron and Nick was treated to a full view of the blouse, Wendy's magnificent breasts beautifully filling the crisp material cinched in tightly by the shiny belt. Although her nipples were covered their presence was all too evident where the crisp blouse strained over them. “I love your blouse” said Nick admiringly - “I’m glad you like it” she replied, “I’m wearing it specially for you!” Nick was already determined that one way or the other he would be using that blouse tonight.

The meal was gone in minutes and then Wendy suggested that Nick and I should go through to the living room while she cleared up.

A few minutes later she entered the room. She had fluffed out her auburn hair and heightened the contours of her mouth with a strong shade of scarlet lip gloss. She paused in the doorway for a minute while we both gazed at her admiringly…then crossed to an armchair and sat down, throwing one leg casually over an arm of the chair.

As we chatted Wendy began stroking her breasts through the blouse – crackling the crisp material – her red nailed fingers moving in circles around her nipples and teasing them until they stood erect beneath the shiny surface.

Lying back in the chair she swung both legs over the arms. Her skirt rode up to reveal stockinged legs above the shiny spiked ankle boots. Teasingly she licked each finger in turn until they were covered in a sheen of wetness…then reaching down she slipped one hand beneath between her thighs. With the other she opened one stud of the blouse and slipped it inside to massage her breasts.

She was deliberately teasing our friend, sitting directly opposite him. I could see he was excited and the distinct bulge of hardness beneath his jeans could not be disguised! Wendy smiled at him, pouting her lips and running the tip of her pink tongue over them….cheekily she raised one booted foot and gently stroked his hardness with it! He moaned quietly…. Wendy beckoned him towards her…he needed no more invitation and was over to her chair like a shot… With her face at the same level as his crotch, Wendy stroked him through his jeans, savouring his hardness. “Naughty boy…” she murmured, “You’re making me all damp!”

Next thing I was lying on the floor with Wendy astride…her wet cunny impaled on my erect shaft. Reaching up I cupped her breasts in each hand and massaged them through the shiny blouse…the feel and sound of the crisp cotton teasing me into greater hardness. Her tongue flicked over her red lips as she rhythmically raised and lowered herself over my thick shaft.

Nick was rubbing himself against Wendy’s back, massaging her neck and shoulders through the upturned blouse collar. She moaned ecstatically, and her movements became more intense as her quim tightened around my rigid length.

Now Nick moved position and faced Wendy …his crotch only inches from her face. She gently released his zip. His shaft literally sprang into view. Clasping it in her hand she allowed it to roll across her blouse-covered breasts…massaging her cheeks, nose and chin with its hardness. She weighed his heavy spunk filled balls in her hand....

The sight of Nick’s cock on my wife’s blouse increased my passion and within seconds we were all on the brink of climax. Wendy was squirming rythmically over my shaft in time with Nick's cock thrusting between her breasts…She began to open the blouse but Nick stopped her...wanting to use her as his bloused slut. She sensed him tense as he reached the point of no return…letting the swollen tip of his cock rest on her blouse collar for a second or two until it gave a convulsive jerk and let fly with a spurt of creamy white spunk. The first jet went upwards over her face and hair…running down her forehead and dividing into pearlescent streams on each side of her nose before running over her lips and chin. Another, even more powerful landed on the collar of her blouse, the cream imparting a glistening shine, and a third was aimed directly at her jutting breasts - the outline of her nipples becoming clearly visible as his creamy spunk soaked into the crisp blouse.

Now my cum followed almost simultaneously, flooding into her soaking quim. Wendy moaned in ecstasy and came to a shuddering climax…holding me inside as my hot sperm filled her pleasure hole. As it jetted into her a tingling sensation spread from her thighs to her breasts….and both Nick and I knew it was just the beginning….

Part 2

After that energetic session of blouse sex all three of us were quite drained. Wendy went through to the bathroom, stripped off the spunked blouse and had a quick shower before returning to the bedroom. She snuggled down sandwiched between Nick and Jon, both spent by the excitements of the evening. She smiled to herself, the cat who got the cream she thought, and closed her eyes. As she drifted off to sleep she mused on the attraction of bloused women for men - there was sort of code to wearing them too she thought - collar down, cuffs fastened, meant 'I'm busy - call again'; collar half up, cuffs turned back - 'I'm feeling sexy - maybe available'; collar fully up and brushing sensuously against the nape of the neck, cleavage just visible - 'I'm ready for action'; blouse completely undone, just held together where tucked into jeans, or simply knotted under the breasts - 'I'm gagging for it - fuck me now!' She mouth the word silently - 'fuck'...mmmm...that's a good word...so descriptive...yes, I want to be fucked...I need to be fucked....I deserve to be fucked...' - she drifted off to sleep.

Nick woke in the early hours, his body snuggled into Wendy's. She was on her side, her delightful arse towards him...sliding quietly out of bed he paid a visit to the bathroom. The sexy blouse she had been wearing was there, casually thrown across the radiator where she had left it. He fondled its crispness...no longer pristine...but bringing on an immediate erection. He could not resist slipping it on, further exciting him as the scent of Wendy's perfume mixed with fresh dried spunk reached him. Returning to the bed he gently turned Wendy over...half asleep she saw him bending over and smiled invitingly.

Jon was wakened by the rythmic movement of the bed. He sensed immediately what was happening and watched as Nick, wearing his wife's blouse, mounted and shafted Wendy. They were heedless of his presence, absorbed in each other, Wendy's hands gripping tightly around Nick's back. Nick was riding her - not slow gentle movements but long vigorous thrusts. Jon could hear the wetness of Wendy's cunny as their friend repeatedly slammed into it. Wendy was running her hands over the back of the blouse...whispering into Nick's ear...asking him if he enjoyed it, if he loved the feel of it against his skin. Her lips were around the blouse collar...teeth gripping it as her passion mounted...using it as a gag to stifle her building moans of ecstacy. Nick was gasping for air...the blouse against his own body and sandwiched between the two of them...Wendy crackling it over his back....as Jon watched and wanked the two of them came in a shuddering climax which acted as a trigger for Jon's own spurt of pleasure.

As dawn broke Jon reluctantly got up. He had an early meeting at work and would have to leave. He washed, shaved and dressed, then returned to the bedroom to kiss Wendy goodbye. Nick was still asleep but Wendy gave her husband a hug - 'Have fun' said Jon - 'Oh, I will' replied Wendy - remembering the sheer [email protected] passion of Nick's thrusts as compared to Jon's more controlled love-making.

She had loads of blouses in her wardrobe, and had also kept a box in the attic full of 1950's styles which used to belong to her mother and had hardly ever worn. Plenty scope she thought to excite Nick. Again she thought about the appeal of blouses - her first experience of sex had been with a schoolteacher who insisted she wore her immaculate St Trinian's style uniform, later there had been her boss who not only liked her to wear blouses - even having her wear a shirt and tie to match his own outfit when she acted as his secretary, and incidentally introducing her to rubber and pvc, and even the paper boy had stolen one of her blouses from the washing line a few weeks ago. She was in the prime of life - and desperately wanted to avoid the long slow decline experienced by her mother. Perhaps the ideal end would be during a fantastic blouse sex session....

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