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Author Topic: Cheerleaders get a Thrill of a Bus Ride  (Read 2978 times)

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Cheerleaders get a Thrill of a Bus Ride
« on: March 25, 2009, 04:45:15 AM »
Thrill has been working part time at the Valley Charter Bus Company for the past three months to help with his retirement funds. As a precaution he obtained a commercial drivers license through the local black market naturally not in his real name. Today he is assigned to one of three buses to drive the college football team to an away game. Oh great he is thinking driving a bus full of football players is not exactly what he had in mind. Oh well as long as it pays well. He gets to the motor pool and gets his assigned bus and his list of passengers. Yippee! He gets to bus the cheerleaders to the away game this is more like it. He checks over his bus safety wiring the emergency escape exits shut. The dark tinted windows are fixed on this luxury bus you can see out but outsiders can’t see in.

Off he goes to pick up the thirty-six cheerleaders that he will bus to a college game that is one hundred and seventy miles away. At the college he parks his bus with the two other buses assigned to transport the team, all the support people and administrators, and the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders unravel several sticky back large banners to stick to the bus one of them saying, “Scream for the Team!!” The girls load their bags into the cargo area below the seats and get on the bus. They have christened the bus “Screamer”. Their chaperone decides to ride on the bus with the support and administrative personnel to catch up on some paperwork.

As each bus gets loaded it departs. With all the girls loaded on his bus Thrill drives off towards their destination. An hour into his drive listening to the girls practice their cheers Thrill is enjoying the company of the thirty-six cheerleaders they are young, beautiful, full of life, and quite playful. They have pulled a few tricks on him and equipped him with a “Scream for the Team!!” jersey that they insisted he put on which he happily complied with the girls help in taking off his shirt and putting on the jersey.

Thrill spots a rest area off the freeway that is totally empty, what luck. He pulls into the rest area asking the girls if anyone needs to go to the bathroom. After he parks the bus he disembarks to go to the men’s room and several girls disembark to go to the ladies room. So far so good, no one is alarmed and the rest area checks out, no cameras. Back on the bus Thrill discovers the girls pulled another trick on him while he was in the men’s room. They all get a good laugh and then he pulls out a roll of duck tape from his briefcase. The girls laugh at that and ask what is he going to do with a roll of duck tape. He then pulls his Walther PPKS .380 ACP automatic pistol out of his briefcase, the girls are no longer laughing. Several make a break for the emergency exits, which are wired shut. The girls realize they are trapped like rats, the only exit is past Thrill out the main door and he is blocking it with his Walther.

Thrill instructs the now terrified girls to stand up and put their hands on the overhead grab rails. They all comply fearing what would happen if they failed to obey his instructions. Thrill proceeds to systematically walk down the isle duck taping the girls’ wrists to the overhead grab rails. At the back of the bus Thrill surveys his catch. Thirty-six girls standing in the isle of the bus with their wrists duck taped to the overhead grab rails. Now is time for the next step. He proceeds to take out his scissors and starting from the girl at the back of the bus he works his way to the front of the bus cutting the clothes and shoes off of the girls rendering them all naked from the top of their heads to their tippy toes. Back at the front of the bus he goes to each girl asking where her purse is then takes the purse and pulls out her college identification badge. He now has her name, address, age, and picture. Thrill proceeds to process each girl until he is again at the back of the bus. Working his way back to the front of the bus he proceeds to run his hands over each girl’s body caressing the girl’s skin and then runs his hands through the girl’s soft silky hair.

He has their full attention. Seventy-two eyeballs are staring at him in fear of what the future entails. He then lets them know what is coming next. He explains to them the characteristics of the Walther PPKS and the performance of the Glaser .380 ACP Safety Slug Blue Tip ammunition. Some of the girls don’t understand. Thrill explains it to them in very basic terms. He is going to shoot each girl in her belly and it is going to hurt like hell. He pulls out his digital recorder and turns it on to record the reaction of the girls as they feel the excruciating pain of being gut shot. He chambers a round and walks up to the first girl. She is crying in fear and begging not to be shot in her belly. Thrill pushes the barrel of the Walther against her skin and squeezes off a round. Bang. The girl screams bloody murder and lifts up her right knee, her belly vibrating from the impact of the Glaser. Blood flows out of the fresh wound in her belly and flows down her abdomen. Thrill kisses her on her forehead and thanks her for being a good sport while looking into her terrified and pain filled eyes and listening to her screams of agony. He takes several pictures of her face and the fresh bleeding wound as the blood progresses down her legs towards her feet. He goes to the next girl who is already screaming in panic at what she has just scene and the realization that she is next. Thrill stands in front of her, leans over and kisses her belly then presses the barrel against the same spot and pulls the trigger. Girl two is screaming in agony. He takes pictures to record the event and then goes to the next girl. She is so scared she is pi$$ing all over herself. He smiles at her, runs his hands through her hair and tells her not to worry it only hurts like hell for four to five hours. He then presses the barrel against her belly and while looking deep into her terrified eyes he squeezes off a round that explodes in her guts. Thrill works his way to the back of the bus gut shooting each girl taking pictures and reloading his Walther numerous times.

Back at the Valley Charter Bus Company the dispatcher is curious. Thrill’s bus has been stopped at rest stop 13 on the freeway for way too long. The newly installed GPS tracker tells the dispatcher where the bus is and he notifies management that something is not right. Management requests that the Highway Patrol make a courtesy check on the bus.

Trooper Doright gets the call. He heads to rest stop 13 at normal speed. He is thinking it is either a bus breakdown or an extended potty break, nothing to get excited about. He pulls into the rest area and sees the bus. There is no activity around it. He pulls up beside the bus and gets out of his patrol car. He hears screaming, somewhat muffled from the enclosed bus but definitely screaming. Alarmed he approaches the bus and then notices the banners, especially the “Scream for the Team” banner. He smiles thinking of his years in college and the football games he had played in and the beautiful cheerleaders that always accompanied the games. The bus motor is running and everything else seems ok. The bus starts to pull out of the parking spot. Trooper Doright goes back to his patrol car and radios in that the bus seems to be ok and it is pulling out of the rest area. The Valley Charter Bus Company management seems to be satisfied. The dispatcher is not satisfied.

Thrill breathes a sigh of relief. That Trooper was the scare of his life. How could he explain what is in his bus? Pulling the bus out of the rest area as if he didn’t even know the cop was there was a calculated risk but it worked. Now he is driving his bus down the freeway with thirty-six naked belly shot beautiful young cheerleaders ducked taped to the overhead grab bars with blood and in some cases urine pooling at their feet causing them to slip and slide and hang by their wrist from the overhead grab bars while they are screaming and crying in agony. Oh the joy of retirement plenty of time to pursue your hobbies.

The Valley Charter Bus Company dispatcher contacts the Highway Patrol dispatcher and tries to convince him that the bus needs to be physically checked, something is wrong. It is falling on deft ears. He explains that thirty-six cheerleaders are on the bus and the chaperon is on another bus. The relief Highway Patrol dispatcher hears the call and is interested. His daughter is a cheerleader at the college. He takes over the shift and dispatches a Trooper to pull over and check out the bus.

Trooper Doright gets the call. Not the bus again. He makes a u-turn and heads in the direction of the bus. He is running code two, lights but no siren. After twenty minutes running at a good clip he catches up with the bus. The bus is not pulling over. He hits his siren and still the bus pushes on. He radios in that the bus in not complying. The two other Highway Patrol cars in the quadrant are dispatched to assist.

Thrill has a problem. With a Highway Patrolman trying to pull him over how does he explain thirty-six belly shot girls in his bus? He drives on, ignoring the Troopers. How are they going to pull over his bus? He could run right through them. But they can just tail him and eventually he will run out of gas and the girls will run out of blood. It is time for plan B. The Mall. Thrill pulls off of the freeway and heads for the Mall. He needs lots of people for his plan. The Troopers are following he ignores their demands to pull over. The girls’ feet are slipping and sliding in their blood and urine as Thrill is maneuvering his bus off of the freeway and through the city. He finally spots the Mall and heads for the main entrance. He slams the bus into the main entrance burying the bus deep into the bowels of the Mall the customers [email protected] for their safety. He jumps out of the bus with his briefcase and runs into the [email protected] crowd then into a big box store and out the back of the Mall with hundreds of other Mall customers running scared for their safety. Thrill gets on the Hidden Valley Retirement Home courtesy bus with over twenty other retirees and goes for a ride to the retirement home. Some of the retirees on the bus are looking strangely at the “Scream for the Team!!” jersey he is wearing.

The three cops chasing the bus get out of their cars and carefully approach the bus with guns drawn. Trooper Doright enters the bus with the other two Troopers covering him. He is visibly shaken with what he sees and gets on his radio advising that he has over thirty trauma victims that need transport now! The two other Troopers board the bus and are similarly shocked. The Troopers cut the duck tape off of the girls’ wrists and lower them into the seats as gently as they can. Most of the girls just curl up into a ball on the seat clutching their belly wound and crying. Others fall off of the seat onto the floor and while leaning against the inside wall of the bus bring their knees up to their chest with their hands clutching their wound. A few others fall onto the floor on their backs with their knees raised and both hands covering their belly wound. The air in the bus is ripe with the smell of blood, urine, fear, and a few farts.

When the Hidden Valley Retirement Home courtesy bus passes by the Community Parks Building Thrill asks the driver to stop and let him off. The driver does as requested and reminds Thrill that the last run of the bus is only two hours away. Thrill gets off of the bus thanking the driver for the reminder. Once the bus is clear he calls a cab on his cell phone. Back at his condo, no retirement home for him, he downloads the pictures from his camera onto his computer. Thrill works up a mini file for each girl who he entertained today with her pictures, and her personal information like name, age, address, description, etc. from her college identification badge. Then he takes the digital recorder and downloads the recording of the girls’ reactions to today’s events. He creates a screen saver from the pictures and then activates it so that he can watch the pictures slowly display on his monitor while he listens to the digital recording of the girls screams and cries of agony.

It is time for the late night news. Thrill turns on the TV and watches for the news report of his activities for the day. It is the first thing on the news. Police are in a massive manhunt looking for the driver of the bus but they have little to go on. Thirty-six cheerleaders were taken to several trauma centers over several counties, some had to be air lifted because with so many trauma victims the centers were overloaded and could not handle the volume. Twelve victims were operated on and are in recovery. Six died on the operating table. The remaining eighteen died waiting their turn to be operated on. The names of the victims and their status are displayed. Thrill decides to retire for the night. He knows that the victims’ names and status will be on the Internet and he will update the girls’ mini files in the morning. Meanwhile he has had a long and fulfilling day. Who says retirement is boring?

The End

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