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Mendosa's Way With the Ladies
« on: March 26, 2009, 05:00:21 AM »
“Decir Mendosa dos vagónes están llegando de esta manera! Tell Mendosa two wagons are coming this way!”  It was Mendota’s close friend Ortega who had spoken as he and another man stood on a mesa overlooking the stretch between the narrow tree shrouded area below and the looming mountains to the west.  He, Mendosa, and the others of their group had been crossing the border for the past three years, pillaging, raping and torturing, and preying on unlucky homesteaders and occasional travelers from the east who didn’t have sense enough to realize just how dangerous this land was.  “Those stupid gringos in the wagons probably think the Apache is the one to watch out for,” he muttered, “but that’s only because they don’t know about us.”

Mendosa’s group wasn’t the only band of renegades in the region and they were by comparison a relatively small group, but they were by far the worst.  In the beginning, it had been only the most fearless or foolhardy men who came to this area, some lured by dreams of riches after silver ore was discovered in the mountains, while others came with a multitude of get-rich schemes to separate the prospectors from their hard-earned wealth.  And then, slowly entire families had begun to show up, often to homestead a small piece of land where they could eke out a living and graze a few head of cattle.  Ortega knew that the approaching Conestoga wagons meant they were bringing more new families to the area, and that made the corners of his mouth form a cruel smile.  There would be women in the wagons, and they appeared to be headed toward the spring-fed trees below, undoubtedly to camp there until they resumed their journey the next day. It would be the perfect place to attack them because it was at the bottom of a slope that would prevent them from seeing Mendosa and his men approaching until it was too late, unlike the couple they had ambushed two weeks earlier when some foolish Easterner had brought his new bride to this land. They had lost a man after the gringo managed to get off a lucky shot and that had incensed Mendosa. After overpowering them, he had shot the man point blank, and after seeing how pretty his wife was, they had spent the night raping her in the back of the wagon. In the morning, Mendosa had her taken to a fire ant mound that they had passed and there she was staked to the ground, with her semen-soaked vagina directly over the mound opening. To speed things up, Mendosa had cut off her nipples and pushed them up inside her vagina, knowing the mixture of bloodand semen would be an attraction for the ants. Then they had waited until her screaming started as the ants found their way into her vaginal cavity and to her mutilated breasts and began to bite her.  The insects were aptly named; their bite felt like fire. She was screaming as they rode away and they could still hear her at a distance of a half-mile.
He was still lost in his thoughts when Mendosa appeared beside him. He stared at the oxen-drawn wagons for a few seconds and noted a single h0rse tethered to the first one, and then said, “Well, it looks like we might have some excitement!”  He noted that the sun was low in the sky so he added, “We’ll wait until morning and take them before they have a chance to leave.  Pass the word to the others.”  Ortega nodded and after calling one of the other men to keep an eye on the wagons and their inhabitants, he and Mendosa walked away to inform the rest of the men of their plan.  Mendosa also ordered that the wagons be kept under surveillance throughout the night. 
Morning broke clear and bright, and it was warm even before 6:00 am.  Mendosa and his men had been up before daybreak, and now as they ate a breakfast of coffee and jerky the man who had been watching the wagons came running up and said, “A rider just left the camp down there! Something must be wrong.”

“We’ll find out soon enough,” Mendosa replied. He quickly drank the rest of his coffee, then stood and said, “Saddle up! It’s time to go!”  A few minutes later they quietly rode down the far side of the mesa to avoid kicking up a cloud of dust that might be seen by the people in the wagons and give their presence away.  As soon as they reached the ground level they turned and rode toward the trees, while slowly spreading out, which enabled them to approach the wagons from opposite sides.  Mendosa posted one of his men above the camp to maintain a vigil in the event anyone should come their way, promising that he would not be excluded from the fun, and then he led four of his remaining nine men into the camp, surprising the three women who were eating breakfast and causing them all to look up in surprise.  Two of them were young, not over nineteen or twenty, Mendosa guessed, but he judged the third woman to be at least in her late thirties. With their attention concentrated on these unexpected arrivals, the women failed to notice Ortega and the others as they quietly rode in from behind them.  Mendosa looked down from his h0rse and said to them, “Buenos días.  Good morning.”

“Uh… good morning,” the woman nearest him replied nervously, as her eyes darted around and finally focused on the rifle which she had perched against a tree, now out of her reach. 

“My name is Mendosa, and these are my friends,” Mendosa said.  “Where are your men?”

The woman gestured toward the other young woman and replied, “Sarah’s husband has the fever and is getting worse. He’s real bad off, mister.  My husband took the h0rse and went for help.” 

Mendosa didn’t reply, but instead walked his h0rse over to the wagons and peered inside each one. In th esecond one a man laid, flushed and delerious with fever. He studied the man for a few moments, and then he returned to where the others waited. “He looks like he’s in bad shape. Where did your husband go?”

“Tuscon,” the woman replied. “We need a doctor.”

“It’s a day’s ride to Tuscon and back,” Mendosa said. “A hard day’s ride.”

“We had no other choice,” the woman replied.  Mendosa changed the subject. “And who is this other lady?”

“She’s my mother… I mean our mother. Sarah and I are sisters.”  Then, in an attempt to act casual, she said, “Do you gentlemen live around here?”

Mendosa laughed while casting a quick glance over her head to make sure Ortega and his men were in place, and said, “No, senora, our home is south of here.  The border is only a day’s ride from here, but we come here often.”

“For business, I presume?” the woman asked, even though she could not imagine what type of business venture these men might be engaged in.
Mendosa laughed again and said, “I suppose you could call it business. We have a great many business interests.”
“Oh?” replied the woman, wondering what he meant but not asking.
“Si, senora.  Can you guess what our interests are today?” Without waiting for her to answer, Mendosa dismounted. The other men followed his example and also got off their h0rses. The woman, now alarmed, got up and started to run for the rifle, but stopped when she saw that Ortega had beat her to it. Resignedly she returned to where Mendosa stood and asked, “What do you want?”
“You are a very pretty woman,” he replied. “We don’t see many blondes out here.”  She remained quiet, so Mendosa walked over to her sister and pulled her to a standing position. “And you are a beautiful woman too,” he said.  Then, making his way to the older woman, he also pulled her up so she faced him. As he was about to speak, the woman angrily said, “How dare you come uninvited into our camp and frighten everyone? If I were a man…” She didn’t get a chance to finish.  Mendosa clamped his hand over her mouth.

“Senora, you have a big mouth. Women like you should open their mouths only to put something in them.  He glanced at his men, and then back at her and said, “Take off your clothes!”  Gasps came from all three of the women as Mendosa’s men men encircled them. “I told you to undress,” Mendosa said. “Or would you prefer that some of my men helped you?”
The woman looked around as if she expected someone to rush to her aid, but realizing she was helpless, she knew that she had no choice but to obey.  Her angry demeanor quickly melted into tears as she began to remove her clothing. Soon she was naked and Mendosa reached out and lifted her right breast slightly. “Not bad,” he said.  Then he turned to the the other women and said, “You get off your clothes too!” Then he added, “If you don’t do exactly as you are told, I will shoot the man in the wagon!”

Fighting back tears, both young women began to undress as the men looked on grinning.  Soon they too were naked and Mendosa said to the older women, “I meant it when I said that you should open your mouth only to put something in it.”  Then as he unbuttoned his pants, he said, “Get on your knees!”

“I WILL NOT DO THAT!” the woman shouted.  Mendosa shrugged and called out to Ortega, “Shoot the gringo in the wagon!”

“OH NO!” the woman screamed. She slowly knelt and looked up at Mendosa with tears in her eyes.  He looked around at his men and said, “Go ahead and fuck them!” Then he placed the end of his penis against the woman’s lips and said, “Open your mouth!” As the woman’s mouth enclosed around Mendosa’s growing penis, the first of the men were invading the vaginas of the two younger women, thrusting and pumping as if they were trying to drive their erect penises completely into each woman’s uterus, their lust fed by their victims’ cries and screams. As one man finished, another quickly took his place, and then another and another and another until all ten men had fucked the women.  Mendosa had filled the older woman’s mouth and throat with semen and when she attempted to spit it out he ordered her to swallow it.  She now lay in the dirt gagging and coughing.

Mendosa waited until the last of the men had [email protected] the women and then he said, “What shall we do with these ladies?” It brought a wave of laughter when one of the men suggested, “Let’s take them out into the desert and leave them naked for the Apaches!”

The comment caused a thoughtful look to come over Mendosa’s face that slowly transformed into a little smile. He stared at the blonde woman for a moment, and then motioned to a man named Luis who q   ickly joined him.  Mendosa said to him, “Go find a cholla cactus and bring back a stem.”  Luis’ eyes met Mendosa’s for an instant as he nodded, and then he went to his h0rse.  Mendosa watched as he rode up the incline and disappeared from view.  Then he turned his thoughts to the other two women, and his eyes narrowed as he considered the older woman.  A few seconds later he walked up to Ortega and said, “See if you can find an axe in one of the wagons, and then take a look around the trees and see if there’s a small one that can be topped off and made into a stake. We’re going to impale the girls’ mother.”  Ortega didn’t bother to reply, but instead headed toward the nearest wagon and climbed into it. A moment later he reappeared and held an axe up for Mendosa to see before jumping to the ground.  Then he called to two of the other men and together they walked behind the sparse wall of trees that provided shade to the camp area.  Mendosa glanced at the other young woman and decided that he didn’t need to plan anything for her immediately. There was still plenty of time, but there was no reason the women’s hands shouldn’t be tied now.  He shouted to a bearded man they called Culebra, which in English meant ‘Snake’, “Get some rawhide strips and tie their hands.” 

Culebra went to his h0rse and rummaged through his saddlebags until he produced three long strips of rawhide.  As another men held them, he roughly pulled each woman’s arms behind her back and lashed her wrists tightly together.  The blonde’s sister was the last one  and he and the man who had held her immobile made a little game of playing with her breasts, causing her to scream and cry, to the amusement of the other men.  As Culebra was pinching her nipples, Luis rode into the camp carrying a cholla stem.  He had worked the stalk of another desert plant up through the center to make handling it easier and to prevent any of them from being punctured by the stem’s hundreds of needle-like spines.  Mendosa met him as he dismounted and took the cholla stem, and then he called four men to assist him.  They surrounded the blonde and siezed her by her arms and legs, forcing her backwards. Then, while she screamed, although still not fully realizing what was about to happen, the men held her in a prone postion with her legs pulled widely apart.

Mendosa stepped between her legs and touched the tip of the stem’s spines to her vaginal lips, bringing a howl of pain from her mouth.  She attempted to buck and kick but their combined grip proved to be too much and all she could do was to make some futile jerking motions.  Mendosa waited until she grew quiet, and then he pushed the stem into her vagina, maintaining a constant pressure as the spines bent slightly backward allowing it to fully penetrate her vaginal canal and puncture her uterus with dozens of their sharp points.  Then he pulled backward, dislodging the stalk and causing hundreds of spines to become embedded in the wall of her vaginal canal.  As the men lowered her to the ground and stepped away, her shrieks and screams filled the air and her sister and mother became hysterical, screaming for Mendosa to pull it out.  Raising his voice to be heard over the woman’s screams, Mendosa siad, “Some things, when properly done, cannot be undone!”  Then he turned to watch the blonde thrash and kick on the ground, screaming non-stop in agony.

As the men were enjoying the spectacle, Ortega and his men returned.  He motioned Mendosa off to the side so he could be heard without yelling and said, “There was only one tree back there that we could have used, but it’s ready.”

“We’ll do it in a few minutes,” Mendosa replied, while keeping his eyes on the blonde woman who was now rolling from her back to her stomach, over and over, not realizing that her movements were only further embedding the cactus spines inside her.  She was becoming hoarse from screaming but sounds continued to come from her mouth, punctuated by gasps for air.  Mendosa watched a few more momenst, and then he said to Ortega, “Vamos a hacerlo!  Let’s do it!”

Ortega walked over to the girls’ mother and stepped behind her, grasping her upper arms and pushing her ahead of him toward the trees.  Mendosa told four of the men to remain with the blonde’s sister and for Luis and the rest of the men to go with him as he followed Ortega.  When they joined Ortega and the woman, they were waiting by the stake.  Mendosa positioned himself behind the woman and reached around with both hand to grab her breasts, which he squeezed as he forced her to her knees. He looked around at the other men and said, “Step up boys, if anyone wants a blow job!” 

Luis was the first in line and as he lowered his pants Mendosa said to the woman, “What happens to you is going to be determined by how much pleasure you give these men!”  Struggling to withhold her sobbing, the woman closed her eyes and opened her mouth, allowing Luis to insert his penis.  She immediately began to massage it with her lips, taking as much into her mouth as possible.  She continued the rhythm until Luis felt waves of semen explode from his penis.  When he was spent, he stepped back and simply said, “Muy bueno!”

The woman barely had time to catch her breath before she took the next man’s penis into her mouth, in a repeat of what she had done to Luis.  She felt that the men were enjoying it and that bolstered her confidence that she wouldn’t be hurt. By the third man, semen was covering her face and she was rapidly stroking him with her mouth, bringing him to a quick ejaculation.  When he finished, she waited for the next man who looked at her face and said, “Let’s put the stake in her pussy!”  Hearing no voices of dissent, Mendosa shrugged and said, “Impale her!”

As she was lifted over the stake, she realized what was happening and she began to scream, “YOU PROMISED! YOU PROMISED! YOU PROM…”  She sucked in her breath as the stake filled her vagina and invaded her vaginal canal, and then she released it in a prolonged scream, kicking and writhing as the small tree trunk stretched her vaginal lips to the point of tearing them.  Mendosa patted Ortega on the shoulder and said, “Now lets go and see what we can do about her other daughter.” As the men were returning to the camp they heard two high-pitched screams that told them the woman’s breasts had been cut off.

Upon returning to the camp, Mendosa sent a man to relieve Jorges, the one he had left to maintain a watch.  A few minutes later Jorges appeared and got down off his h0rse. Mendosa pointed at the blonde’s sister and said, “I told you that you wouldn’t miss the fun. She’s been fucked a few times, but she’s still in pretty good shape. You decide what to do to her.”

Jorges approached the girl and grabbed her breasts, fondling and squeezing them, causing her to cry out.  He said over his shoulder to Mendosa, “Firma!”  Then, not very fluent in English, he asked Mendosa to tell the girl that he wanted a blow job.  Mendosa laughed and said, “Pull it out, Jorges. She’ll get the idea!”  Jorges motioned for the girl to kneel and he unbuttoned his pants.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she reluctantly took his penis into her mouth and began to stroke it with her lips, feeling it grow longer and harder by the second. Jorges suddenly grabbed her ears and pulled her head forward, and then he began to furiously fuck her mouth, causing her to struggle and gasp for a pocket of air.  He continued to thrust his penis into her throat until torrents of sperm-filled semen gushed from it, coming faster than she could swallow it.  When it was over, Jorges slowly buttoned his pants, and then he called out, “Someone hold her while I cut her tits off!”

One of the  men came forward and jerked the girl to her feet, and then he used his arm to put a chokehold around her throat, bending her slightly backward until she stood on her tiptoes, providing Jorges with full access to her breasts. He pulled a huge knife from his belt and ran his hand over her breasts, then he paused and looked down at her pubic area  Without warning he placed the tip of the knife between her legs, slicing into the slit that separated the folds of her vulva and then pushing it into her vagina. She screamed as he buried the blade up to the hilt, leaving it in place for a few seconds before pulling it out.  The man holding her let her drop to her knees but he still held her in a way that allowed Jorges to grasp her left breast with one hand while he sliced through her flesh and severed it from her body.  Her screams were deafening so he quickly slashed through the right breast and as he stepped back the man who was holding her let the girl fall forward.  She continued to scream as Jorges wiped the blade clean.

Mendosa looked around and said, “Vamos!  Let’s go!”  As the men were mounting their h0rses, he glanced over to the blonde whose screaming had become a loud whimper.  Looking around, he spotted the rifle where Ortega had left it, so he walked over and picked it up. Then he went to where the blonde lay and pushed the barrel into her vagina, and then shoved it to cause the cholla stem to expand as the end of the barrel split it.  She immediately began to scream again with a renewed agony, creating a strange kind of harmony with the shrieks of her sister.  Mendosa shouldered the rifle and walked to his h0rse, and within moments was leading his men up the incline and away from the camp.  Ortega caught up with him and said with a laugh, “I hope that doctor brings a lot of bandages!”

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