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"The Semester IV, Kim's Rope Dream"
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:12:48 AM »
"The Semester IV, Kim's Rope Dream"

Kim was struggling to take a breath. It was extremely hard since moments before she had been hoisted into the air by her neck wearing only a noose. It had been a long time coming, her date with a noose. It had been two years since her teacher and mentor Lilly, had been hanged during the same Etuutou festival that she was now participating. She and Lance had been running the program after Lilly had died. Now Lance would run it alone. It had been nine years since her classmate Eva had been hanged. Now Kim had volunteered and had been chosen to hang. Kim never felt so sexy even though she couldn't breath much. She had been pampered all afternoon by the women of the tribe, after being chosen. She was rubbing her pussy furiously.

Kim had finally decided to volunteer to hang when her good friend from the tribe Patty did so. Kim had known Patty for quite a few years now, she was the sister of Maria the daughter of the chief who had been hung the same year as Eva. Patty had just turned eighteen and had decided to volunteer the first year she was allowed to do so. They had talked at length about volunteering and hanging together for at least the last year. Now it had come true. Patty was a few feet away from her, strangling in the noose next to her. Nearby was her father the chief who was now watching a second daughter do her last dance in front of him. He was very proud of his daughters, that they had chosen to honor the tribe by hanging at the Dance of Fertility.

Kim was now the sixteenth woman from outside the tribe to hang at the Dance of Fertility. Since Lilly and Hanna had been hanged, five more had done the dance. Sometimes the students would come a few times before volunteering, but sometimes some would volunteer on the first trip. Most had never planned on volunteering but felt moved that they needed to be hanged. One of those girls was Molly, from last years trip. She had at first been put off by the Etuutou practice of hanging but had learned from the tribe on why it was important. She surprised everyone by volunteering on the third day after the first hangings. She had been fascinated when her best friend Eileen had been hanged and she had decided she wanted to do the last dance herself. The chief selected her for the second night hangings and most of the tribe had considered it one of the best dances they had witnessed in a long time. She had danced in the noose for a amazing forty-five minutes before she had died.

The year before that had been interesting as well. Three sisters had come on the trip. Two were twins Mandy and Mindy, and the third, Linda was a year older. Kim hadn't known that the sisters had planned on volunteering even before the trip. They were in love with the dance of fertility, since they had read Lilly's book on the tribe. They had intense noose dreams that they wanted to act on for many years. In a lot of ways they were like Eva. They held hands as they were lifted off the ground. They had all died at the same time after hanging for about twenty minutes as they all cum at the same time over and over again. They were quite a sight since they were all redheads and looked very alike.

Kim turned the direction that Patty was. She could see the tribes-girl kick strongly. Patty had waist long hair which had been pulled through the noose and was free to move about as she hanged. She looked magnificat in her noose, her nude body was sweaty and oily. She was very aroused and her hands were at her pussy working very hard. They were the only women hanging that night since only four dancers were needed that year.

Some of the years had many more women doing their last dance. Every year there was a different number, generally an even number. The year before Lilly had hanged was one of years with many dancers. There had been thirty dancers, including three of the students, Leann, Karen and Sara. Leann and Karen were both on their third trip and had volunteered the year before, but hadn't been selected. There had been only two dancers that year so the two that hanged were both from the tribe. Sara however only went the one time. She hadn't planned on hanging, but was one of the girls that had felt moved to do so. Leann was hanged the first night and Karen and Sara hanged the second night.

They had been the most students hanged in one year. Most years it was only one or sometimes two. On the third year of the program, Nicole did the last dance. She was the fourth student hanged at the festival. Nicole had been having noose dreams since she had arrived at the tribes village. Her friend Amy had also volunteered that year but had not been selected. She came the next year and volunteered again and was selected to hang the fourth year. Amy had been a favorite since she danced for a half hour before dying.

Patty was aroused more then any time in her short life. She was only eighteen, and had been selected on her first year. Her sister Maria had been almost twenty when she was hanged, Patty had been too young to see her dance . Patty looked over at Kim, the pretty, short, black haired, nude asian girl, who was kicking and moving around in her noose. Patty had hoped that they would do the last dance together since they were great friends. They had talked about it for the last year. Kim was the only woman left from the first year of the program, all the others had been hanged over time. Patty was rubbing her pussy as her air was quickly running out. She was cumming more then she ever had.

Patty remembered meeting Kim many years before. Kim was learning the traditions of the tribe, in a lot of ways at same time that Patty had. Kim told her about her sisters last dance, and Patty was entranced. Out of the fifteen daughters of the chief only Maria had done the last dance. Patty decided a short time later that she would join her sister and someday hang. As she became friends with Kim, she hoped to convince Kim to join her in the nooses of the dance of fertility. They talked about the dance all the time, at that time only Eva, Rachel, Megan and Nicole had been hanged, the only women from outside the tribe. Kim talked about hanging more after Lilly and Hanna had done the dance. By the time that Patty was old enough Kim was ready to be hanged.

They had put their tags in the basket less then a day ago, and now they were hanging to death. They did it together, the chief knew that they wanted to hang side by side like Maria and Marta had nine years ago. Kim and Patty wanted to hang more then anything. They had looked down at their toes when they were waiting for the feast to end. It had been hard to breathe on their tiptoes, although easier then it was now with their feet completely off the ground. The clicking had started and their toes left the ground. It sank in fast that they wouldn't touch the ground ever again. But they didn't care.

They both kicked hard and fingered themselves. The dance of fertility was very sexy and erotic for the whole tribe, but the most for the ones being hanged. They had to enjoy it fast because they were getting tired quick. The lack of air was catching up with them. Ten minutes had passed since the hanging had begun. It would only end when Kim and Patty had died. The tribe people had sex when the women did the last dance. Kim and Patty were getting tired, they were hoping for one last organism. They got them at the same time and then their hands went to their sides. They were gone.

The End.

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