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Dottie and David
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:13:12 AM »
It's all Dorothy's fault.

Sitting on the wall bench in Dom’s execution chamber, David and Dottie exchanged nervous smiles.

Dom and his assistant had spent a busy morning. Squealing and gasping, Dom’s slow noose had strangled one buxom beauty after another. David and Dottie watched as the last thrashed and bucked away on the end of her noose, pee splashing onto the stool that had been slowly lowered from beneath her feet a few moments earlier.

“Time for a break” said a weary Dom. He padded past the body disposal chute to the chamber’s bar, where he poured out a pleasantly chilled glass of Roussanne for his assistant and himself. Settling themselves onto stools at the bar, Dom turned to David and Dottie.

“Amuse us!” he ordered. “Strip each other down, and try and be a little entertaining before you die.”

Smiling a little in embarrassment, they rose from the bench in the bright room, and faced each other. Dottie was an attractive blond woman, she’d worn a short black skirt, sheer black stockings and a plunging white blouse to her appointment.

Boldly, Dottie reached forward to unbuckle David’s belt, as he kicked off his shoes. Unbuttoning his pants, Dottie pulled down the zipper on his fly, running the palm of her hand back up the bulge beneath David’s underwear, as she reached to his hips to lower his pants.

Kneeling, Dottie bunched his trousers around his ankles. David stepped away, pulling his shirt over his head. Dottie slipped the socks from his feet. Still kneeling, she smiled into his crotch, her face brushing lightly against the fabric, as she lowered his shorts. David’s hard cock bounced happily from Dot’s nose and cheeks.

Pumping away at David’s cock, Dottie sucked his balls into her mouth , slurping loudly for the benefit of Dom and his help, while masturbating herself with a free hand. Then, placing a hand on each of his hips, she pulled David’ dick into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth enthusiastically.

Glancing at the wall clock over his wineglass, Dom barked, “Let’s get on with it, you two, keep it moving.”

Dot pulled her mouth away from David’s hard-on with a deliberate “pop”, and stood in front of him. David reached out and grasped Dot’s blouse in his hands, pulling it open with a harsh tug that sent buttons rattling across the tile floor. Roughly, he pushed the garment down her arms, allowing it to fall on the floor. Breathing deeply, Dot stood with her arms at her sides, her breasts pushed into his chest, as David reached behind her back and unclasped her black lace bra.

Tossing the bra to one side, David took a moment to envelope each of Dot’s breasts with a hand, squeezing appreciatively, then roughly pinching each hard nipple, tugging them outward forcefully. Kneeling, David slipped each of Dot’s heels from her feet, tossing them to the side. He reached up, opening the clasp and zipper to her tight black skirt, then quickly pulling it down her legs.

Dot stepped forward, out of the skirt on the floor around her ankles, brushing her now damp panties against David’s face. David rolled Dot’s stockings down each leg, pausing to put each of her feet in his mouth, swirling his tongue around her toes after tossing the nylons away. David could smell the musky scent of Dottie’s arousal as he pulled the panties over her hips. Tilting his head back, Dottie spread her legs slightly, and David licked his protruding tongue along the length of Dot’s wet pussy. With his hands on her ass, David forced Dot onto his tongue, licking aggressively while Dottie used a bare foot to toy with David’s bobbing dick.

“OK, well, this has been fun to watch” Dom said briskly, setting his empty glass down with another glance at the clock, “but we need to get these two $nuffed, and close up shop.”

“Let’s strangle these two,” his assistant said brightly, picking up two loops of inch wide leather strips, and a couple of small sticks from a table. “We haven’t strangled anybody for a while.”

“Good idea,” agreed Dom, moving toward a low padded table with his assistant. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little satisfaction myself.”

Dom turned toward Dottie. “Here, you,” get over here and bend over this table. Dottie’s bare feet made little squeaking sounds on the tile as she walked to the table, laying herself across it, with her face in Dom’s crotch on one side, and her bum exposed on the other.

Pulling Dot’s hair aside, Dom placed one of the leather loops around Dot’s neck, and with one hand on her head, and the other under her chin, he drove his cock into her mouth. David watched Dot’s ass tense as Dom pushed into her throat.

Dom’s assistant, following David’s gaze, first placed the other loop around his neck, then told David, “That’s a fine looking ass, you need to show some appreciation for it.” With a hand on the back of his neck, she pushed David to the floor behind Dot, and told him, “Let’s see you put that tongue to some good use.”

David, kneeling behind Dottie, spread her ass, and forced his tongue into the puckered little hole. Dottie made happy little grunting noises from around Dom’s dick, wriggling her butt, as David licked, and poked, with his tongue.

As David worked away on Dot’s rear end, the Assistant selected a double headed dildo from the table, smiled at Dom, and said, “My turn, too” in a happy voice. She moved to David’s side, and pulled him to his feet by with a strong tug on his penis.

“That’s about as much lubrication as this little slut needs,” she said with a broad smile. “You can fuck her ass, and do me a favor with your own.” As Dottie whimpered, David positioned his cock at Dottie’s puckered little hole, intending to push gently in. The assistant, however, had other idea, and with a [email protected] shove pushed one end of the dildo into David’s ass – David’s cock drove deeply into Dottie’s, to the accompaniment of her cock-muffled scream.

Dom’s assistant mounted the end of the dildo protruding from David, and began to enthusiastically fuck herself on it, driving David into Dot’s ass, while Dom thrust into her throat. Threading their sticks into the leather straps around David and Dottie’s throats, Dom and his assistant began to slowly tighten the garrotes. David and Dot’s faces began to redden and purple, their eyes bulging, as their bodies served, and were serviced.

Dom pressed himself urgently into Dot’s gaping mouth, shuddering and gasping as he sprayed into her throat, while Dot’s eyes rolled back into her discolored face, fingers from one of her hands still forced into her spasmodically contracting sex. David’s tongue stuck out obscenely from his blue lipped mouth, his hips bucking into Dot’s ass, as the assistant tightened his garrote the final creaking turns, her own thigh and butt muscles rippling her fair skin as an orgasm took her.

Breathing heavily, Dom and his helper stepped away from David and Dot’s bodies, sprawled lifelessly on the table.

“Well,” Dom said as he wiped his brow with the back of a hand, “Let’s get cleaned up and head home.”

“Wonder what’s for dinner?”

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