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Author Topic: Here is the third story of the series "the semester"  (Read 1927 times)

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Here is the third story of the series "the semester"
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:12:38 AM »
Here is the third story of the series "the semester"

"the semester III: Lilly's Last Semester"

Professor Lilly Stanley had been taking her students down to the Etuutou tribe for six years now. A number of her female students hadn't come back with her. They had volunteered to hang to death at the tribe's dance of fertility. The first student to hang was Eva on the very first trip. Her best friend Rachel had hanged the second year, and another student, Megan had also did the last dance that year. Nicole had hanged the third year, and Amy had the fourth year. No students hanged the fifth year, but three girls, Leann, Karen and Sara did the dance the sixth year.

Now on the seventh year Lilly was standing totally nude next to a noose. It was the third day of the festival and it was almost time for the dance of fertility, and she was waiting to be hanged. She was going to dance in the same noose and on the same tree as Eva had seven years before. Standing next to her was Eva's sister Hanna. She was waiting to be hanged in the noose that had taken Marta the same year as her sister. Hanna had been coming every year since Eva had done the last dance. Somewhere in the crowd of tribes people was Kim and Lance. They had earned their PHD's, and had helped Lilly write a book about the Etuutou. Now they would take over the program and continue it.

Lilly had been surprised and amazed when Eva had volunteered to be hanged at the festival the first year. But she had learned much about the dance of fertility and why the women of the tribe wanted to hang for it. She had learned why so many of her students had also wanted to hang at it. Now she would hang at the festival. She would join the long line of women over thousands of years that had been hanged at the Festival. The day of her hanging was also her forty-fifth birthday. Lilly had been having noose dreams for last few years now and she knew she needed to be hanged. She felt the erotic feeling that came with the desire to dance the last dance. Eva had known the desire before she had even met the Etuutou.

Hanna was nervous, aroused and more then ready to be hanged. She had known Eva's noose dreams a long time. She hadn't been surprised that Eva had not come back from the first year. She had wanted to come to the place where Eva had done her last dance. It had quickly become hers as well. Hanna had learned much about the festival and the dance. She had wanted to come every year. Now she would hang like her sister.

The chief started the chanting. Lilly, Hanna and the four tribes women that would hang that night, put on their nooses when the chief got to that part of the chant. The helpers helped the dancers put the nooses on and placed them in the best position for a good long slow hang. The women took their last easy breath and the the winches attached to their noose clicked and raised them to their tip-toes. Lilly thought about the last day or so. She had been so nervous when she put her tag in the basket in which the chief would make his selections. She hadn't been surprised when Hanna had walked up and put her tag in the basket as well. It would be nice to be hanged with someone she knew so well.

It had been a long day waiting to see if the chief had selected them to hang. They had been excited and then in a kind of a haze when he had selected them to hang together. The helper women had lead them away to the hut to prepare them for their last dance. The women had removed all the body paint and then carefully washed and oiled their bodies. They did their hair and then the chief entered the hut. He asked the women "Is it of your free will to be hanged for the Dance of Fertility"
"Yes" said both Hanna and Lilly when the chief asked each of them.
"I will miss you Lilly" said the chief "it been a great seven years"
"I will too "said Lilly "I have learned much from you and the tribe. I desire and need to hang for you and your people."
"I thank you for that " he said "Say hello to Maria for me. Dance well. " He kissed Lilly goodbye and left. It was time to leave the hut. The women lead them out to the hanging trees.

Now she was standing there with the tight noose around her neck. She was breathing heavily because she was on her tiptoes while the feast was in full swing. The tribes people ate and drank. Lilly and Hanna were thinking it was taking forever. But it wasn't long before the drums started and chief resumed the chants. He signaled the men pulling on the ropes to start. The clicking of the winches resumed and the six women began to rise. Lilly never imaged it would end with herself in a noose. But she wanted it more then anything. To Hanna it was a completion of a fantasy that had begun many years before.

Hanna watched as her toes left the ground. She wondered if it was like that for her sister seven years ago. Hanna rubbed her pussy furiously and cum. The noose was incredibly tight and it was getting tighter. She was fighting to breathe and she began to kick hard as she rose higher. Click, Click went the winch. She looked to the side where Lilly was hanging beside her. Lilly was kicking and rubbing her pussy as well, she was in great shape and looked great for a woman of forty-five. Lilly was more aroused then any other time in her life. She thought it was incredible to be hanging, she had cum just watching her feet leave the ground for the last time. There was no going back, no one would rescue her from her fate. She was going to hang to her death. She gasps and gags as she tried to take in air she had no chance of taking in. She looked to the side and saw Hanna. The beautiful blond looked incredible as she hanged, her feet reaching for the ground it would never touch again. Everyone was thinking she was as beautiful as her sister Eva who had gone before.

The clicking of the winches stopped when all six women were about two feet off the ground. Hanna looked to the sides and saw the four women from the tribe as they hanged beside her. They were sweaty with desire as they gagged, gasped and rubbed their pussies. Hanna cum at their sight of it all. Lilly was watching the tribe-people as they had sex below them. The chief had to pick a new woman to be his sex partner since Lilly had been his for the last years. Lance was under Kim as she bounced on his cock cowgirl style. The six women were moving around looking like dancers which gave the festival its name. Lilly was gasping for air as the noose tightened. But she was more interested in what was happening lower on her body. She was cumming almost continually.

This continued for the next ten minutes or so. Hanna was kicking slower then before because she was getting tired. Lilly was hardly moving anymore, she was just about dead. Hanna looked around at the other hanging women. Two of the women were quite dead, their hands were at their sides, their eyes looking ahead seeing nothing. The others were moving more slowly then before. Lilly knew she was out of time. She hoped for one more organism before she died. She rubbed as hard as she could. She came and she could no longer hold it there. Her desire was fulfilled as the blackness came. Hanna watched as Lilly's hand fell to her side.

Hanna was still kicking and rubbing as she danced her life away. It didn't matter so much anymore about the lack of air the noose was so tight. It was a wonderful feeling, but it wouldn't last long. She slowed and came. She couldn't hold her hand up and it also fell to her side like Lilly. She was completely satisfied as she died. Lance came in Kim as Hanna hand fell. Kim was the only woman from the first semester that hadn't been hanged,,,,,,, yet. He knew that Kim was dreaming the noose dream, he wondered if she would volunteer and do the last dance soon.

The end.

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