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Author Topic: "the semester II: Rachel Dances"  (Read 1989 times)

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"the semester II: Rachel Dances"
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:12:14 AM »
"the semester II: Rachel Dances"
sequel to the semester

part 1

The second year of the Etuutou program started out with a meeting of the students for this year. Professor Lilly of course was in still in charge. Lance, Rachel and Kim were back for another year. The new people were Matt, a guy with black hair, medium height. The second is Megan, a short brown haired girl. Last up is Hanna, another tall blond, the sister of Eva.

"Hello, everybody, welcome," said Lilly, "We are in for a great semester. We learned very much last year, and we will learn much year too. We will leave tomorrow. Any questions?"
"Is it true that one of the students was hanged last year?" asked Megan.
"Yes, but it was entirely consensual, all the girls hanged at the fertility festival are volunteers." said Lilly "Her sister ," pointing towards Hanna " is going this year. There is nothing to worry about, they aren't going to string you up, only if you want to."

Rachel spoke up " I am planning on volunteering to do the dance this year. I have been dreaming of the noose ever since I saw Eva hang last year. It was so erotic to see her and the other girls doing their last dance on the end of their ropes. I hope that some or all the girls consider volunteering and hanging with me."
"The chief still would have to chose you, don't forget that, you may not be chosen." said Lilly " Don't be disappointed if you don't, the chief really knew that Eva wanted to be hanged."
"I know" said Rachel.

end of part 1

Part 2

The group had traveled for six days when they arrived at the village of the Etuutou. When they walked up towards the village cheers went up. Last year had gone very well for both the tribe people and the students. The students had ditched their clothes a few days earlier, they continued with the plan from last year for fitting in by being nude. The students from last year had actually preferred being naked since it is very hot where the Etuutou live.

Chief Ute-to greeted the travelers. He was very happy to see everyone, especially Lilly. Lilly introduced the new students to the chief. " This is Matt, Megan and this is Hannah, the sister of Eva".
"I am honored to know the sister of Eva, we loved that she danced and hanged for us. It is also good to know you Matt and Megan." said the chief." Welcome back, Rachel, Kim and Lance. It is good to see all of you again."
"Its good to be back "said Rachel.

They gave a tour of the village to the new members. Rachel showed Hanna the tree that Eva was hanged on last year. "I hope to be hanged from this tree like your sister was last year"said Rachel. Then she showed her the field of fertility and Eva's grave there. Hanna said, "I knew my sister wasn't going to leave here, I am glad that she was happy with living out her fantasy of dancing on a noose here".

For the returning members of the college, they quickly started where they had left off from last year. Lance started to help with a construction project on one of the long-houses. Lilly worked with the chief. Kim helped with the cooking again, learning more of the Etuutou cooking. Rachel learned more about body art. Rachel also took up where Eva had left off on research on the Fertility Festival, the new girl Megan was an eager helper with that.

The rest of the new folks also fit in well with the tribe. Matt was the opposite of Lance and began to learn the Etuutou hunting ways very quickly. Hanna seemed to be a great generalist, putting together everybody's research into a usable form. The year had been a great one for the Etuutou, with great growth on the seasons crops and the hunting had also been great.

end of part 2
part 3

Time passed fast for the college group. The whole group was working very hard and much progress was made. Rachel has intense noose dreams that made her wet with desire. The surprise to many that Megan was having them too, she was thinking she might volunteer for the dance as well.

Megan learned about how the nooses were used and made. They were hand made by one of the women of the tribe. They were reused every year in the same places on the same tree each time. Some were not used very often since there was thirty of them. The same noose had taken both Maria and Eve, in fact it had hanged hundreds of women since it was very old. The women did any repairs that were necessary to reuse it.

The full moon festival had once again brought the tribal necklaces to the new members of the college group making them part of the tribe like the second time students. It was one of the most fun events of the year with dancing, feasting, body art and plenty of sex.

Since it was a great year for the tribe the research was indicating that there would be a large group of dancers that would hang for the fertility festival. The groups of dancers seemed to be larger in the best years and the worst years. It was a very good year for the tribe.

end of part 3

part 4

The week long Fertility Festival had began. It was about time for the first group of dancers to come out of the hut used to prepare them for their nooses. The dinner feast was about to begin. The chief had announced that 16 women would be chosen to hang this year, so there would be 8 that night. It had taken a while to announce all the names. Rachel and Megan had put in her necklace tags. Rachel had been chosen to hang that night.

They had set up nooses under 4 trees this year, two girls for each tree. Finally the girls came out and stood next to their nooses. Rachel looked beautiful, her hair done, and all the body paint removed. She was in complete contrast to the other dancers with her milky skin and red hair.

Rachel, like Eva the year before, was in a dreamy hazy since she heard she had been selected to hang. The preparation women had lead her away to the hut, were they bathed her, oiled her skin. The chief had come in to ask the girls their permission to hang them and all eight of them said yes. Now she was standing next to her noose. She was near the middle with four girls to one side and three to the other.

The chief started the chants, and the girls put their heads though the nooses. Rachel helper tightened the noose around her neck, and whispered to her to be ready, that they raise her to her tiptoes in a minute or so. Rachel rubbed her pussy cuming before her feet were even off the ground. Then the clicking of the winches started and the noose tighten more and she rose to her tiptoes. It was almost time she thought, breathing harder. She was in a state of desire and fear and was sweating heavily.

The feast was in full swing, so the wait for the noosed girls seemed like forever. But the feast came to a end and the tribe people started to arrange themselves around the girls to be hanged. Rachel saw Megan and Matt set up near her, Megan impaling herself on Matt's cock. Megan had been disappointed that she wasn't hanging with Rachel tonight, but she was hoping to hang the next night.

Kim and Lance were nearby as well, Lance had been her sex partner last year. Hanna was already pumping Steve huge cock, the guy her sister had been with last year. Lilly was waiting for the chief again, it was their second year as sex partners at the Fertility Festival.

Then the drums stopped. The chief signaled and the ropes began to move again. Rachel felt the noose tighten even more. The winches were clicking as eight girls began to hang. She looked down at her feet and watched them leave the ground. She began to gasp as breathing became nearly impossible. She continued to finger herself as she began to kick her legs.

The noose continued to tighten, Rachel mind was spinning. She could see her group having sex as she hanged. Lilly was on top of the chief furiously bouncing away. It was totally erotic for all the people watching the girls hang to death. The clicking stopped and Rachel turned to the side and saw the girl hanging next to her. It was the most erotic thing Rachel had seen since Eva had hanged last year. Now she was hanging in a noose as well!

Rachel kicked and turned the other direction. She could see the other four girls in their nooses, sweaty and aroused. She caught the eyes of one the other girls, they smiled at each other in a way that only hanging girls could do. Ten minutes passed and Rachel was getting very tired. The kicking slowed. Rachel came one more time, but then she was too tired, she had no air for minutes and her hand dropped away. See looked up one last time to see Megan looking at her intently like she had at Eva last year. Rachel was happy and satisfied as the blackness came.

end of part 4

part 5

Megan had been fascinated as she watched Rachel and the other girls hang. She wanted to hang even more now. It looked so erotic, she was thinking it was too bad you could only do it once. She still had the chance to hang tonight, if she wasn't selected she would have to wait a year to try again.

She walked into the hanging area, Rachel was still hanging limply from her noose, she had a look of satisfaction on her face. The helper women were taking down the hanged women and resetting the nooses for the evening hangings. The day went slowly until the lunch feast.

Later that day Megan was in the preparation hut with the women as they bathed her and got her ready to hang. When she had been selected at the Lunchtime Feast it was unreal. She allowed herself to be lead to the hut to get ready. The other seven girls were as excited as she was. She would be only the third girl from outside the tribe to be hanged. Her hair was done up in a style she had never tried before, she loved it. Then the chief had come to ask the question "Do you volunteer to be hanged for the Fertility Festival. All the girls said that they wanted to be hanged.

It was almost time for the evening hanging, outside the tribe danced to drums. The girls were lead to the nooses under the hanging trees. The chief chanting started and the girls put on their nooses. The helper for Megan snugged the noose tightly around her neck. Then the clicking of the winches started, and the noose tightened as she rose to her tiptoes, it was starting!

The dinner feast went on as the girls waited on their tiptoes. It was harder to breath, although that would get much harder later. Hanna came up to Megan and asked how it was. She told her that it was the most erotic feeling of her life. Megan was fingering herself, she was scared, nervous, excited, aroused, all in one.

The dinner feast was over, people were getting ready to watch the hangings. Megan was breathing hard, knowing she wouldn't be breathing too much longer. The drums stopped, the chief signaled and the winches began to click. Megan felt herself rising and her feet came free of the ground. She watched the people having sex when they looked back watching her hang. The winches continued until Megan's toes were about two feet off the ground.

She started to kick hard, she spun around seeing all the other hanging girls. They all were aroused and sweaty from the kicking they were doing. Megan's chest felt like it would explode. She fingered herself and cum again and again. The noose felt tighter and tighter. The dance was incredible she thought.

Megan kicked and fingered herself for what felt like forever. She loved the dance as the noose squeezed the life out of her. She saw Hanna having sex with Steve with a look of awe on her face as she looked back. Hanna waved at Megan and she tried to wave back. When she couldn't she did a thumbs up. But she was getting tired. She had a large explosive organism and she couldn't keep her hands up anymore. The blackness came over her.

The End

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